Moving Forward

Submitted by Salman on Thu, 09/07/2006 - 19:00

We Arabs have huge doors and obstacles in front of us. Whenever someone thinks of entering a field, competition or any challenge, we are always told that this can't be done, specially if the west had been their first or worse if is it the dominant player. Software development comes to mind but the list is actually huge. But what is more difficult to challenge than their own language, something that they have by inheritance not only by practice.

Mohammed Ali knocked the door hard and long, and finally it opened. He challenged the whole world for the first time since the start of the toastmaster organization 75 years ago, an arab made it to the Top Ten list, as one of the world top speakers. The door is now open for all Arabs to go there next year and all the coming years. And we actually have a strong chance of returning with the world championship title. This achievement requires more effort from everybody to actually sees the light. Arabs and specially Bahrainis should be encouraged to join and actively participate in toastmaster clubs. We also need media coverage for the current success of Mohammed Ali to inspire the rest to join.

So anyone who reads this and knows people in the BTV, Channel 55 other arabic TV channel and can arrange for an interview or coverage, please do so, you can contact me using the feedback section of the site.

We can do it.. It needs determination and effort.

And the next step is .... Forward

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