Our Champion

Submitted by Salman on Tue, 08/29/2006 - 18:00

Mohammed Ali Shukri is Bahrain, Gulf, Middle East and the whole world -sans America and Canada- champion in Public Speaking. In his first attempt after joining a toastmaster club, he succeeded in sailing in the direction of victory through all the obstacles.

'Cut' his way to the Top Ten, in Washington DC. Although he didn't get the Final trophy, through 'Talk To Me' he talked to the hearts of people and delivered a strong and clear message that made many of the audience come to him and tell him, that you are number one in our heart, and as one of his coaching team members said, the speeches are normally soon forgotten but Mohammed Ali's speech will be in the heart of all of those who attended the convention, including the first three winners.

The echo of his 'Baba' speech in Dubai is still fresh in our ears and the eyes are still wet from the tears. He is a true champion. IMHO, he should be interviewed in all the TV and radio stations for the region he presented including BBC, MBC, Arabia, LBC and the rest, but as he is a Bahraini who had Bahrain's Flag high in Washington DC where very few countries made it there and all the others are dreaming of, for this he is our champion and we should celebrate his and our victory and achievement.

His plane is expected to land in Bahrain tonight 29th August at 10:55pm, the Bahrain toastmaster community is planning a nice welcome for him. Everybody is welcome, specially TV :-) don't forget the Bahrain flag. You can find some news about Mohammed Ali in Toastmaster.org, arabnews.com, gulf-daily-news.com, gulf-daily-news.com and gulf-daily-news.com among others. You can learn more about toastmaster movement from Toastmaster International

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