Submitted by Salman on Fri, 06/23/2006 - 14:25

Last Sunday, I was visiting my brother's house in Saar with my wife and two years old son. At around 4:30, pm I was in my way back to my house in Karrana when my wife asked me to take her to visit her sister's house. I said OK and decided to go there from the main highway. So I changed my way towards Saar's cinema and into the T-junction, I reached the traffic signal which was red, so I stopped and started waiting.

I was looking at the red light when a six wheel vehicle coming from Budaia, my right, started turning left. I didn't notice at the time if the driver was planning to take a U turn or just turn left toward Saar cinema road. Just as it reached the middle of the road a very speeding Toyota Camry came from the opposite side, my left, and in a fraction of a second, it crashed into the six wheel vehicle, pushing it to the other side to my left. After the Camry hit the six wheel, it started to slide to the side slipping into my car.

The only thing that I was afraid of at that moment is six wheel turning over us and hurting my wife and kid, as I was watching it become closer and closer. When it was only a couple of feet from my car, a second car, a Nissan Sunny, came from the same direction as the Camry crashed into them. In fact I didn't see the Sunny until every thing finished as the Camry and the six wheel blocked my view.

The whole thing happened in a second or two. I saw a man standing in front of my car appearing from no where, and I noticed that the door of the six wheel, which was more than three meters from my car, was open and damaged. After I made sure my wife and my crying son were not injured, I got out of my car to help the others. I saw that the man who was standing in front my car has left, walked few meters away and collapsed. I also noticed human legs under my car. I was really worried. I looked down and there was another man, thrown from the six wheel, pushed tightly to my car's front tires.

The scene was a mess. Damaged cars were every where, pieces of bumpers and broken glass were scattered every where. You can see people covered in blood, and people lying on the street. In seconds, people from other passing cars stopped to check and a lot of them gathered in front of my car. My son was crying, mama, make them go .. make them go. I called my brother and asked him to come take my wife and son to his house until the ambulance and traffic police arrive. He did, although he took along time as the roads were blocked with the standing cars.

Civil defense people were first to come, but the ambulance took their time. Thank God no one was killed, but three people were removed from the scene on stretchers, at least one, was in a very critical condition. The strange thing is that the traffic police were only asking who crossed the red signal. I don't know, as I was just looking at my signal awaiting to be green. But regardless of who crossed the red signal, the Camry and Sunny were speeding, and most probably over speeding.

When you approach a traffic signal you should always slow a little to avoid surprises; red lights, cars crossing red lights, or simply people (children?) crossing the road. I hope all the victims recover soon, but I know that my son was having bad dreams that night.

ps. Next morning, I only found references to the accident in the following newspapers: Al Wasat and Akhbar-Alkhaleej


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