mishkah.org is alive

Submitted by Salman on Fri, 05/29/2020 - 17:39

It's been a very long time..

mishkah.org was a small project. It was a way for me to explore web hosting, webpage creation and Drupal.

well, despite the very low activity and low number of post, I think the goals were achieved, although I could have done way better.

But I think it is time for me to move forward.


I have tried free web hosting, paid shared hosting and VPS. Now I am checking the cloud, but I am staying with paid shared hosting for a while. I have been with DreamHost for a long time and generally, I am satisfied with their hosting and support.

Webpage Development:

I have learned a lot even with my little reading. I do have few project planned now. One is to keep this website alive, with more content. It is not meant to be a be a big site. In fact, I recently lost all of its content due to a database error. I search Internet Archive and rebuilt the while thing from scratch. but the dates of postings may now be correct because I was tiered when I did it :-)

I also noticed that a lot of my posts look a lot like ... microblogs . When I started mishkah.org, microbloging was just a new idea, but now it is everything. Even now I don't have a Twitter account. In fact, I don't have an account in any social media service. The only once I have are, Whatsapp for family and work, LinkedIn and Instagram, which has even less posts than here :-)

But I believe the web is here and will always be here.

My plan is to better study both HTML and CSS as well as PHP and JaveScript. I already started. I bookmarked lots of videos and books to kick of my journey. I am also considering purchasing phpstorm to be my development IDE.


Drupal come along way. When I first started mishkah.org, drupal was at version 4.6, arabic language support was not that good. But it was a strong system and I loved it.

Fast Forward .. Now, Drupal 9 will be launched in less than a week. and it is a very robust system and very modern. I know it is more difficult to learn than say.. wordpress.. but it's worth the learning, and I have decided to do so. I have a good general experience building small website using it, and I know my way around it.. I still need to search for information every now and then.

But now it is time for a real project. And I actually have three :-) , but one is urgent and I already started planning it.

In the next post I will list my development environment components.


Stay tuned,,,

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