Submitted by Salman on Thu, 01/10/2008 - 23:00

It is the Hijri new year again. Many Muslims (Sunnis) celebrate the day believing that it is the day where the prophet Mohammad Left Makka To Madina, and started the first Islamic government. While others believe that this movement, Hijra was not on this day, this is irrelevant. The fact is there is a more important event occurred on this month. On the tenth of this month, Imam Hussain,the only remaining grandson of the prophet and many of his relatives and followers where not only brutally killed and beheaded after leaving them with no water for three days next to one of the biggest rivers in the world , but even the bodies were left as a play ground for the horses to run over and break there bones. The ladies and children, who are the family of the prophet, were beaten with lashes and taken as prisoners. But why did Imam Hussain go to this unbalanced ware with 70 something 'army' facing 70 thousands, and some say 120 thousands? Why did he take his wife, sister, other ladies and even children in this doomed journey? What was thinking and what were his goals? What happened next? and how can we learn and benefit from this? The Islamic Awareness Center is holding its annual Muharram Camp which is targeting English speaking audience. In this camp, they have several activities that will try to shed some light on Imam Hussain's movements and goals. All are welcomed

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