Bahrain's Champion

Submitted by Salman on Sat, 04/21/2007 - 10:00

Wow... What a wonderful event. You who missed it... well.. you missed it. It was a fun information packed day. and .. Fast Forward to the results... Evaluation Contest: First is: Ahmed Shukry. He was just great. I wish in future contests an evaluation contest will make it to the district. Table Topics Contest: First is: Quraishi. He was Good. Humorous Speech Contest: First is Mohammed Ali, Second is Raed Al-Nasir. Well, Mohammed is my friend and all, but I think Raed was funnier :-)

Update: Mohammed Ali did withdraw allowing Raed to represent Bahrain in Doha, Qatar. Well done Mohammed and good luck Raed

And now for the International Speech Contest..... And the first winner is ......

Mohaaaaaaaameeeed Aaaaliiiiiiiiii

and every one was jumping in the air. Yes... he did it again .... And he is going to the district level and hopefully to the international.. After all the tiring nights and endless rehearsals .. it is here.. The Trophy. Congratulation Mohammed Ali, you deserve it. The others? well.. they were good but not good enough :-) I wish all the participants to do better next time as this will improve the level of the contest.

Enough of this.. it is celebration time... and soon it is preparation for the District level..

See you all in Doha, Qatar