123.. Switching On The Lights

Submitted by Salman on Tue, 07/19/2005 - 15:44

In The Name Of God.. After a lot of delay and a time consuming useless planning.. mishkah.org is finally here. This is my first ever website and it is an ongoing project at its early stage. Things to do:

  • 'Continue' to build the site :-)
  • Create a nice logo and a banner.
  • Write some nice and maybe useful articles.

and a lot more... Regarding the language.. I was planning to make the site first in arabic but it seems the arabic support of Drupal in not complete -or usable yet, please correct me if I am wrong. So, mishkah.org will be in English till I find out how to make an Arabic site. As this is my first ever site and first time with Drupal, things may go slow.