Free Burma.. and me

Submitted by Salman on Thu, 10/04/2007 - 10:46

Most of the people I know do not know anything about Burma, and many of those who know something do not care about what is happening there. In fact I've heard some say: they deserve what is happening to them, they have been suppressing Muslims for long, it is about time that they taste from the same medicine. But for Me, I care. Regardless of the treatments the Muslims are receiving there, what is happening there is not right. Two wrongs do not make right. I would like also to note that the movement is led by the monks. This is a true example that you can never separate religion from politics. I hope that the world will wake up and do something about all tyranny threat is clouding us. Palestinian, Lebanon .. OK.. let me just say.. the whole middle east, far east, west and far west. Did I miss something.. Oh the northern pole region.. it is getting its share lately May Burma be Free... And every where else too As for Burma, please sign the petition bellow:


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